The Bible Never Said That

The Bible Never Said That

Chara Donahue

Episode 17: “My Truth Can Be Different Than Your Truth"

March 17, 2021   ●   19 min

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We struggle in a society where no absolute truth is acknowledged, where “your truth” and “my truth” can be completely opposite and yet somehow equally “true.” In an attempt to be tolerant, we have risked giving up the discernment needed to draw a line between what is true and false. We are settling for individualized truth rather than what is true.

Jesus himself declared “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This isn’t pride. This is sacred fact.

In this episode, Chara takes us through Jesus’ trial in front of Pontius Pilate, and how Pontius’ rejection of absolute truth paved the road to the cross. The dangers of relative truth then, are still dangerous to us now.

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Verses Referenced: John 14:6, John: 18 28-40, Matthew 7:15-20, John 6:60-69

Articles Referenced: What Is Truth? By Ron Graham

Episode Image Credit: Getty/BRO Vector
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