Moms Better Together

Moms Better Together

Lori Wildenberg and Heather Riggleman

Episode 5: Rise Up to Kneel Down (Praying through Our Struggles)

December 15, 2020   ●   25 min

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In Episode 5, Lori and Heather discuss prayer, commitment, sacrifice, and vision. In 1st Samuel 1, we witness Hannah’s plea to the Lord for a child.

We relate to Hannah’s anguish and her heartfelt prayer. Scripture shows us how to approach God in our suffering and struggles. Lori and Heather discuss 5 principles to apply from 1st Samuel 1. Listen to discover what those applications and principles are and share them with your tween-young adult.

Resource for this podcast:
Mama Needs a Time Out by Heather Riggleman

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Anastasia Molotkova
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