Everyday Prayers with Million Praying Moms

Everyday Prayers with Million Praying Moms

Brooke McGlothlin

A Prayer to be Faithful in Prayer

June 5, 2024   ●   6 min

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A prayer based on Daniel :10.

Faithfulness comes with a cost.

No one asks to be thrown in a lion's den, but we often are. Sometimes, those dens are full of lions and sometimes they're full of people, and when life brings hard things, we bring out our habits. Dark places expose truth. Do you pray more when it's hard? Or ignore God for earthly strategy? It's important to meet life's hardships with faithfulness because our response reveals God's glory to the earth, including, and most importantly to the people we love the most.

How often are we practicing the daily habits that lead to a well-lived Christian life? Tune in to today's podcast episode from Julie Sanders.

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Discover more Christian podcasts at lifeaudio.com and inquire about advertising opportunities at lifeaudio.com/contact-us.

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