March or Die

March or Die

Jeremy Stalnecker

Understanding and Finding Victory in Spiritual Warfare

March 1, 2023   ●   40 min

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 "Life just isn't as it should be!" Have you ever said that to yourself? Maybe you have even said it today! Although we do not always acknowledge that we are in a Spiritual War, most of us do understand that there is something very off in this world. Perhaps, as my guest today explains, we need to realize that we are in a wilderness between the perfection of the Garden of Eden and the perfection of the New Jerusalem. And, as we travel through this wilderness, there is a very real enemy that seeks to destroy all that we hold dear. 

My guest today is Dr. Brian Haynes who is an author and speaker and serves as the lead pastor of Bay Area Church in League City Texas. In his new book, "War in the Wilderness:Fight For Your Family When Life Isn't As It Should Be", Brian explains the nature of the spiritual battle that we are in as well as the victory that can be found when we yield our lives to God. Using personal illustration and an examination of scripture, we find hope and purpose when life seems dark and out of control. This is a very helpful episode of The March or Die Show that you will want to share with others in your life.

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