March or Die

March or Die

Jeremy Stalnecker

I am too broken to move forward

March 8, 2023   ●   35 min

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While we can come up with so many reasons to stop moving forward in our lives, the truth is that many of these reasons exist only in our own hearts and minds! We look at our past and conclude that we are too broken or feel that we don't DESERVE to move forward because we consistently make bad decisions. Today on The March or Die Show, we look at a man in the Old Testament who had a past that could have been an episode of Jerry Springer, made a really bad decision even after God decided to use him, but made an impact on his world IN SPITE OF his past and bad decisions. I love looking at many of these Old Testament characters because they give me hope. What I learn is that if I will just keep moving forward I can make an impact as well. From this little known man in the Bible we learn some incredible lessons.  I hope that you will be encouraged to stop making excuses and begin to move forward.


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