March or Die

March or Die

Jeremy Stalnecker

You Can Dig My Grave But I Won't Stay In It- An Interview with "The Voice" winner Todd Tilghman

February 22, 2023   ●   32 min

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So often when we think of Success, we think that it will be a straight line. We start in the beginning and if we just keep moving eventually we will get to the top. Whatever the top is. Real success, though, is moving forward through a life that includes ups and downs while focusing on what God has set in front of you today. It can be easy to "miss the trees for the forest" as they say, but we need to be engaged in every moment while continuing to press.

My guest today, "The Voice" Season 18 winner and recording artist Todd Tilghman, embodies the March or Die principles by reflecting a sincere desire to follow God forward through every stage and all of the ups and downs of life. Whether success in family, business or Music, Todd knows what it is to get up and do the hard work. He has described it this way: "It's passion, and closed doors, and excitement, and disappointment, and work. Lots of work."

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