Mama, Take Heart

Mama, Take Heart

Robrenna Redl

Talking to Your Gen-Z Girl about Sex and Relationships

April 07, 2021   ●   28 min

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When should we start talking to our girls about sex? Jackie Brewton (author, youth speaker, teen relationship expert and the founder and CEO of MotivationN3D) says this: “The misnomer is that the conversation needs to be a ‘sex talk.’ I think you need to talk about sex, but I think the bigger conversation needs to be about healthy relationships.”

In this episode, Jackie and Robrenna talk about:

- What age-appropriate conversations about sex and relationships can look like.
- Why you can’t wait until your daughter’s first relationship to start talking about dating and sex.
- The trend of n*de pictures and what parents need to know.
- Why you need to be careful about how you talk about other girls in your daughter’s life who make poor choices.
- The difference between how guys and girls view sex and why it matters

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