Jesus Is All We Need Podcast with Jason Sautel

Jesus Is All We Need Podcast with Jason Sautel

Jason Sautel

Costi Hinn: Unpacking the Truths of the Holy Spirit

September 12, 2023   ●   37 min

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Join us as we journey into the heart of faith with special guest Costi Hinn. A passionate theologian, Costi uses his deep knowledge to explore the complex concept of the Holy Spirit, simplifying the theology into practical applications and thought-provoking questions. Discover the profound role of the Holy Spirit in our lives as Costi unravels the shocking statistic of how many people are unaware or don't fully comprehend the Holy Spirit's existence.

Costi's personal story of finding faith is not one to miss. From his experiences in West Oakland to his dedication to illuminate the struggles many young men face, Kosti's journey exemplifies the power of faith. He reveals how the prosperity gospel distorted his understanding of God and the Holy Spirit, and he presents three fundamental beliefs about the Holy Spirit that are essential for everyone to grasp.

The conversation takes an enlightening turn as we delve into prayer and deciphering God's teachings amidst the chaos of our noisy world. Costi shares unique insights from his book on controversial topics like spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues. As we delve into the voice of God and the unity of the spirit, we strive to find a common ground that glorifies and honors Jesus Christ. The episode ends with a heartfelt prayer from Costi that you won't want to miss.

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