Jesus Is All We Need Podcast with Jason Sautel

Jesus Is All We Need Podcast with Jason Sautel

Jason Sautel

Finding Strength in Music: The Todd Tilghman Story

September 19, 2023   ●   33 min

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Picture this: You're eight years old, standing in church, and you find your voice for the first time. Fast forward a few decades, and you're standing on a different stage – the stage of The Voice Season 18 – and winning, voice stronger and more beautiful than ever. That's the journey of our guest, Todd Tilghman, an accomplished singer, pastor, and doting father who's here to share the power of music, faith, and resilience.

Todd's life hasn't been all soaring high notes. From his years as a firefighter witnessing intense human tragedies to his struggles with anxiety and depression, he's faced daunting challenges. And yet, he's always found strength in his faith and music. Todd's unique blend of worship, classic rock, and country gospel music - and his profound insights about using music as a tool for healing - is sure to stir your heart. His unwavering dedication to his path, along with his willingness to take leaps of faith, are lessons we all can take to heart.

As we navigate the ups and downs of life, it's easy to fall into the trap of worry. Todd shares how he's learned to break this habit and find joy in obedience instead. He also offers a rare glimpse into his personal life, sharing how homeschooling his children has enriched their family's faith and relationships. We wrap up with an appreciative nod to our partnership with Life Audio, a brilliant source of faith-centered podcasts. So, join us for an inspiring conversation with Todd Tilghman, and let's find strength, reassurance, and perhaps a new perspective on life.

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