How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Unveiled: Jonah – God’s Grace Extends in All Directions

May 24, 2021   ●   22 min

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Out of this story of Jonah’s failure (and obedience), we see God’s grace extended not only to the people who are wicked, but also to the person who is considered righteous. God extends his grace in both directions because God isn’t just looking at actions, he looks at our heart.

What Are the Principles in Jonah?

1. God loves the people you think are against you. Think of the people or place you least enjoy. God’s grace extends to even to them.

What Does the Book of Jonah Mean for Me Today?

1. Who is my Nineveh? Where is my Nineveh? Who are the people, person, or group that God might be asking you, “Do you know my grace extends to them as well as you?”

2. Are you willing to give love as your first response to those people you feel are against you? Do you want their repentance and for them to receive grace?

3. “Those who cling to worthless idols will forfeit the grace that is theirs" - Jonah 2:8. Dwell on the word “forfeit.” Am I showing up for grace? Or am I clinging so tightly to something important to me, that I am not showing up for the grace given to me?

4. Worship! Dwell on the gift of God’s grace in your life today!

Next week, we start a brand-new series on my new book, The Miracle Moment. We’re going to walk through the idea that Jesus is the teacher, and his classroom is your life. Your experiences, your struggles and joys, all of that is the living stuff that Jesus uses to teach you about himself and the kingdom of God.

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