How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

True Life: The Temptation of Comfort

March 15, 2021   ●   23 min

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As we lead up to Easter, for many of us, understanding what the Resurrection means and its importance in our faith are sometimes lost on us. It’s easy to go through the motions but not actually experience the Resurrection as a true reality in our lives.

In this episode, we begin our look at the Temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4. The beginning of Jesus’ public ministry gives us a window into what Jesus was sent to do. When we see how he began, we understand how his ministry was fulfilled. We also get an interesting angle into the kinds of temptations that we should expect while we are here on earth.

When Jesus quotes the Word of God at Satan, we have a model for perfect obedience. The truth of God's Word was stronger than the temptation of comfort. By calling on the Word of Truth, Jesus was able to keep himself from temptation, as so can we.

Principles in this Passage of Scripture:
1. The Enemy’s Methods are Not Creative, But Often Effective: He calls into doubt your identity. He tempts you to prove yourself and looks for moments when you’re weakest to tempt you. We don’t need to be fearful, but we need to be discerning.

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