How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

True Life: The Temptation of Validation

March 22, 2021   ●   22 min

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In this second episode of our True Life series, Nicole looks at the temptation of validation that Jesus faced, and what his victory of it means for us today. Listen to the first episode here!

Today, we’re looking at how Satan tempted Jesus to throw himself off the highest point of the temple. What should we imagine when we read that? What do we need to know to be able to rightly interpret Jesus’ response?

Principles from this passage:
Satan tempts Jesus (and us) to prove who God really is. But we learn from Jesus that there is a difference between claiming the promises of God and asking God to prove himself to us.

We see from these verses that interpretation matters. Am I honest with myself when my doubt or discouragement is actually disobedience? Am I equipped to answer my doubt or discouragement with the Word of God?

Scripture Referenced in this Episode:
Matthew 4:5-7; Psalm 91

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