Hope for Women with Father Wounds

Hope for Women with Father Wounds

Kia Stephens

God the Father Is Faithful

January 19, 2022   ●   14 min

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A faithful person is loyal, constant, reliable, dependable, believable and true. But we’re not talking about a person, we’re talking about God. All these definitions of faithful are true of God, perfectly true. But why is it so difficult sometimes to believe that God is faithful?

In this episode, Kia explores why we struggle with our perception of God, and how we can begin to align our perspective with the truth about who God reveals himself to be.

Kia Stephens is a wife and mom of two who is passionate about helping women know God as Father. For this reason, she created The Father Swap Blog to help women exchange their father wounds for the love of God the Father. Kia is also the founder of Entrusted Women, which she created to equip Christian women communicators of color. In addition to these ministries, Kia faithfully serves in Bible Study Fellowship and her local church in Atlanta, Georgia. When Kia is not writing or serving women, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. Kia will be releasing her first book, Overcoming Father Wounds, in the spring of 2023.

The Father Swap Blog: https://www.fatherswap.com
Entrusted Women: https://www.entrustedwomen.com
Kia’s Website: https://www.kiastephens.com.
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