Growing Home Together Podcast

Growing Home Together Podcast

Rob & Joanna Teigen

Episode 62: How the Pain of Your Past Affects Your Marriage—with Gary Thomas

December 6, 2022   ●   49 min

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Every married couple will face challenges throughout their marriage. It could be dealing with a serious health crisis, mental illness, parenting prodigal children, infertility, financial setbacks, or overwhelming work and responsibilities. From the day a couple says “I do,” they set out on a journey that holds inevitable struggles and threats to a happy and lasting marriage relationship.

Today’s guest, Gary Thomas, offers a powerful teaching on how to make your marriage a fortress that can stand up to the battles you will face with your spouse. In this episode, we are going to hone in on just one of those battles: the pain and brokenness from our past that we each bring into a marriage. He also helps us to understand:

- The effect the world has on our marriages
- How your past has shaped who you are and how you react
- The importance of getting curious about your behaviors
- The power of God to redeem your past hurts and strengthen your marriage
- And more!

We are praying that you enjoy this conversation!

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