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Growing Home Together Podcast

Rob & Joanna Teigen

Episode 59: Creating the Thriving Marriage You Long For—with Chris and Jenni Graebe

October 25, 2022   ●   53 min

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This episode was recorded in the midst of a crazy season of our life. From moving homes to health issues to the back-to-school season and much more, it was quite stressful. During seasons like that, it’s no secret that the marriage relationship can get a little tense.

That season of life provided the perfect context for us to have this conversation with Chris and Jenni Graebe, authors of The Rhythm of Us: Create the Thriving Marriage You Long For and hosts of the Rhythm of Us Podcast.

This was such a fun and engaging conversation. In it, Chris and Jenni share with us:

- How to set a vision for your marriage and introduce habits that will get you there
- How to stop pointing fingers and start being in rhythm as a couple
- Why busyness can be one of the greatest joy-killers in marriage
- Why your differences don’t have to threaten your connection
- And more!

We hope this conversation encourages you!

Show Notes:
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