Growing Home Together Podcast

Growing Home Together Podcast

Rob & Joanna Teigen

Episode 55: Helping Your Kids Make Their Faith Their Own—with Ray Pritchard

August 30, 2022   ●   61 min

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We imagine, like us, you desire to leave a spiritual legacy for your family and see your children making their faith their own. But it can be so tough to navigate how to do that well, all while releasing control and trusting God.

Today, we have the opportunity to welcome our guest Ray Pritchard, president of Keep Believing Ministries. Ray has written 31 books, is a co-host on Today’s Issues on American Family Radio, and was a pastor for 26 years to churches in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago. To us, however, he is just “Pastor Ray,” from the time he was our pastor at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, IL.

Today, Ray shares with us:

- His own journey of faith and how God helped Ray and his wife identify how to lead a home filled with faith
-The importance of abiding in Christ each and every day
- Practical ways to help you leave a legacy of faith that extends for generations
- What it looks like to truly trust God’s faithfulness
- How to handle seasons when your children are struggling with church or faith
- Why prayer is the most powerful tool we have in our toolbox
- And so much more!

We hope this episode is an encouragement to your heart this week.

Show Notes:
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