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Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

Amanda Carroll

#23 Hope Now! 4 Ways to Get the Breakthrough You've Been Begging For with Cynthia Garrett

August 8, 2022   ●   29 min

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"I didn't want to be a part of the lie selling machine anymore, I wanted to be a part of the truth selling machine." -Cynthia Garrett

She traded the red carpet lifestyle to serve Jesus! She was the face of VH-1, Lenny Kravitz's step-sister... and now she serves JESUS. You're about to find your breakthrough!

4 Ways to Get The Breakthrough You've Been Begging For with Cynthia Garrett

Wow I loved meeting Cynthia. We are both partners with for our podcasts and I'm so grateful for their introduction. One of the LifeAudio staff said "I think you two should meet, you're the same kind of people". YESSSS they were right. Brave Babes, Cynthia is OUR KIND OF WOMAN. Supportive, Strong, Courageous, BOLD!!!

If you are at a crossroad in your life, and you're not sure where to turn, you know you need more, you need direction. These are the steps you take to GET that breakthrough. YOU DESERVE IT.

[8:47] 1. Surrender
"God you can take the car you can take the money, you can take the famous friends, you can take all of it, I just want to know you deeper." -Cynthia Garrett. When you need a breakthrough it's time to say the desperate prayer and ask God to take control of your life. Allow him to be your first love. Give him all of you, and He will give You all of Him!

[9:51] 2. Know Your Worth.
Stop wallowing in what happened to you. Study who God says you are! "How do you have a vision or knowledge about who you are if you don't read the owners manual?" -Cynthia Garrett. You gotta read the Bible. "Every time I go back and I read what God says about me, I'm blinded by his Grace."

God says....
I'm fearfully and wonderfully made,
I'm the first and not the last,
I'm more than a conquerer
All things are possible WITH him.
He will give me beauty for ashes
I will have joy instead of mourning.
I am a daughter of a king

"So many of us are walking around with shame and embarrassment and we don't think we are worthy to be bold or courageous or to open our mouths, but that is the biggest lie from the pit of hell. That's not God. That's the enemy."

[13:42] 3. Choose Victory.

No matter what has happened to you in life, it's time to shake it off and choose victory over it. Cynthia says, "at some point, life is no longer to blame. The ex-husband is no longer to blame, the girlfriend who hurt you, the boss that fired you, the weight that you can't loose, at some point life is no longer to blame!" -
This is the moment you ask God to send you what you need to figure it out!

"We have to understand that our relationship is not with the church, it's with Jesus." -Cynthia Garrett

[20:48] 4. Worship

We were created to worship God. When you are lost, and you need to feel a connection to God, that is a big flashing sign you need to worship.

"When I'm at a place when I'm really low, I put on powerful worship is a poweful force...and sit in the presence of God and ask Him for what it is that you have need of." -Cynthia Garrett

This song, "Blinded By Grace is one of Cynthia's go to lately. I love it. I think we need Stormzy on our podcast next!

Your break through is just around the corner my Brave Babe!

Love, ac

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