Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

Christmas with Mary and Joseph: Trusting God to Protect You – Ep. 85

December 21, 2021   ●   15 min

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The past few years have reminded us of how little control we truly have. As a result, many of us are entering the Christmas season with apprehension, hyper-alert for that next potential catastrophe. But the Christmas story and Joseph and Mary’s escape to Egypt reminds us of the power, protection, and provision of the God who knows every challenge we will face and who will faithfully perfect and protect His hope-filled plans for us.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode?
2. How does knowing God sees your future bring you peace?
3. What are some truths regarding God’s character that assure you of His faithful care?
4. Why is it important to cultivate a “listening ear”; to remain sensitive to God’s leading?
5. How can our habitual obedience help us avoid future catastrophes?
6. Can you think of a time when God went before you and protected you from a potentially harmful situation? If so, share.
7. Can you think of a time when God provided provisions before a crisis hit? If so, share.
8. What does the historical account surrounding Jesus’s family’s escape to Egypt reveal regarding God’s heart?
9. What is one action step God might be calling you to take this week?

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