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Catherine Segars

How Can We Help Our Kids Understand Who God Is? - Episode 34

July 04, 2022   ●   23 min

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Catherine continues in a series on dealing with the difficult parts of Scripture by discussing two often misunderstood aspects of God’s nature: his mercy and his justice. These attributes are opposite ends of the divine pendulum. If we don’t understand them, we don’t understand who God is. We must properly comprehend these parts of God’s character if we want to prevent our kids from falling for the mischaracterizations of God that abound in our culture.

In a tour through literature that ends with a fascinating story from a world-renowned theologian, Catherine unpacks these beautiful attributes of God. He is passionately concerned about justice, but he is equally if not more concerned about mercy. Time and time and time again we see that God forgoes justice and gives mercy. Mercy literally runs through God’s veins.

But God does not force his mercy upon us. If we don’t choose to receive God’s mercy, we will receive his justice. We must teach our kids that God is merciful and He is just. How he interacts with us is up to us. So, we must teach our kids to choose wisely.

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Summary for the Merchant of Venice:
Portia’s Speech:
“Holiness and Justice” by Dr. R. C. Sproul:


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Micah 6:8
Jeremiah 1:5
Psalm 139
Psalm 56:8
Genesis 16:1-16 (Story of Hagar)

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