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  • Lord Jesus You Are My LifeLord Jesus You Are My Life
    This is a new worship song I've written. The MP3 can be downloaded for free at
    paulwinter2016-01-11T10:42:0851 views00:04:26
  • Celebrate This Christmas TimeCelebrate This Christmas Time
    This is a new Christmas carol that I wrote for Christmas 2015. Below are the words with the guitar chords written above. Although I own the copyright to the music and words, please feel free to use it for church, children's Sunday school or nativi...paulwinter2015-11-02T03:46:2767 views00:06:42
  • Never Let Me DownNever Let Me Down
    This is a worship song that I wrote using Jamstudio.Com . I am not really a singer so I managed to find someone on who would sing it for me. I am really pleased with the finished recording. This lady has a really good voice which ha...paulwinter2012-04-23T09:19:04299 views00:04:36