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  • EscapeEscape
    So, I finally am uploading something new. It's all still images, and the music in the background has no discernable words, because what I want to bring to you through this video is the message of Christ's Love.

    Comments and constru...
    marakudos2010-10-02T00:17:142,057 views00:03:39
  • The Last Night Music VideoThe Last Night Music Video
    This is a video my friend and I put together to the song 'The Last Night' by Skillet. This has been our project for awhile, but I only recently finished putting it all together. We had a great time doing it, and any constructive criticism on how w...marakudos2010-10-01T22:33:474,819 views00:03:50
  • Gaara's ConversionGaara's Conversion
    This is my sister's most recent video, and she decided to make Gaara of the Desert become a Christian in it, and I love it.

    You see, in the Naruto TV series Gaara of the Desert is tormented by the demon Shukaku, the Sand Spirit. If only Gaara ...
    marakudos2010-10-01T22:28:213,641 views00:04:35
  • Jack Sparrow's Heart of a ChampionJack Sparrow's Heart of a Champion
    This is a video that my little sister made. It's only her second video ever, so go easy on her if you criticize. It is to the song 'Heart of a Champion' by Carman.

    And ssh! It's a secret. *wink* She doesn't know I'm putting it up here. I'm goin...
    marakudos2008-03-17T00:00:005,191 views00:05:22