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  • cloningcloning
    Is cloning right or wrong? Watch this video and make your decision. Cloning is a hot topic in the science world, so check it out.etown372012-08-27T02:14:06845 views00:02:18
  • Bottle and CrossBottle and Cross
    This video shows that when things are tough and you feel hopeless you can find hope in Christ. Look to the Cross for hope and salvation.etown372012-08-27T01:59:05670 views00:03:06
  • This is my Father's WorldThis is my Father's World
    This video shows God's creation. Alaska pictures are from our 2008 visit.etown372010-11-18T23:15:551,734 views00:03:41
  • AgingAging
    Is aging in the Bible? The host in the video explains the aging process and what the Bible says about it.etown372010-10-02T02:25:531,302 views00:01:57
  • ChampionsChampions
    This is a tribute and appreciation for our servicemen and women who serve our country. The song is by Queen.etown372010-10-02T01:09:151,765 views00:03:16
  • How Great is our GodHow Great is our God
    This video shows the greatness of our God. Music by Chris Tomlin.etown372010-10-02T01:02:502,732 views00:04:25
  • Soldiers for ChristSoldiers for Christ
    As Christians we are always at war with Satan and the world. This video gives Biblical references and pics put to a Stryper song about spiritual warfare.etown372010-10-01T23:18:183,995 views00:05:24
  • Creation-coral reefsCreation-coral reefs
    Coral reefs are absolutely amazing places. Visiting a coral reef is proof of how awesome God's creation is. With the aide of Polynesian music I visually show God's creation of coral reefs.etown372010-10-01T22:48:447,200 views00:04:41
  • cartoonscartoons
    The song Cartoons by Chris Rice is put to pics. It's a humorous look at cartoons being saved. It might even bring back memories of your favorite cartoon characters.etown372010-10-01T22:45:328,104 views00:03:39
  • laughing babieslaughing babies
    These quadruplets will make you laugh.etown372010-10-01T22:41:5926,192 views00:01:13
  • More Than A ManMore Than A Man
    Jesus is more than just a man. He came to earth to be crucified then rise from the dead. Stryper's song More Than a Man is put to pics and verses to show this.etown372010-10-01T22:41:455,108 views00:04:30
  • To Hell With The DevilTo Hell With The Devil
    The Stryper song To Hell With The Devil is put to pics and / The video speaks of salvation and freedom from Satan.etown372010-10-01T22:41:445,564 views00:04:44
  • stupid worldstupid world
    We live in a silly world. People do some stupid things. This video shows the world's stupidity with music by Randy Stonehill.etown372010-10-01T22:40:1412,716 views00:05:50
  • American FastfoodAmerican Fastfood
    The Randy Stonehill song American Fastfood is put to pics of fastfood and our countries dependence on fastfood.etown372008-07-02T00:00:005,646 views00:03:18