In July 2001, a few friends and I embarked on a long-anticipated rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike. But our great adventure ended after only one day. We made it to the canyon floor, but due to the stifling heat (127°F) and dehydration we couldn't finish. After sleeping a few hours, we began our trek back up the narrow ledge trail at 2:00 a.m. The experience of hiking in pitch-black darkness was harrowing. With just one headlamp, we could see only a few feet in front of us. We made it out by following the one who was leading, taking small steps as our meager light allowed.

Our experience reminds me of how Jesus repeatedly invited people to join Him in His life and work. When Jesus encountered Philip in Galilee, He simply said, "Follow Me" (v.43). And to Simon Peter and Andrew: "Follow Me" (Matthew 4:19). And to the rich young man: "Follow Me" (Matthew 19:21). To the tax collector, to the beggars along the road, to rulers, to servants, to the rich and the poor, one word stands out: "Follow."

It's the same for us. While obedience to, and friendship with, God takes many forms, the central theme is this: Follow. Simply follow. Our prime responsibility in our spiritual journey is not to craft grand plans or muster up sincere commitment or to work hard to discern all God might be up to. Our crucial responsibility is to pay attention to whatever light (large or small) God provides, and to simply take the next step.

When we follow, we're dependent on the one we are following. We don't fret about the long stretch ahead. We don't harbor regrets over what took place during the miles behind us. We don't focus on things that don't really matter. We simply follow. Follow Jesus today. , Winn Collier, Our Daily Journey

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