The Need to Know


Job 38:1-21

Who is this that questions My wisdom with such ignorant words? (v.2).

Why? Our 10-year-old son is especially adept at asking this question with great frequency. Because his questions have moved from innocent curiosity to occasional open challenge, my husband and I have chosen not to overlook the habit. Paying close attention, I realized Micah was asking questions not to gain understanding but in order to gain information so he could negotiate his way out of whatever we had asked him to do.

Since the Garden of Eden, human beings have succumbed to the temptation for greater knowledge (Genesis 3:5-6). Surprises are nice when it comes to birthday parties, but beyond those occasions for gifts and well wishes we don’t normally like to travel the unknown with limited information.

The drive to know what the future holds becomes even greater when hardship strikes. But if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t desire answers as much as we desire control. Information, in and of itself, cannot bring peace, as even Solomon—the wisest of men— acknowledged (Ecclesiastes 1:16-18). Much like a child who desires to renegotiate the rules, we often bring our questions to the Lord, not because we want to understand His ways but because we want to see His position so we can better argue ours.

But as Job realized, the ultimate prize is not the answer we receive, but the relationship we cherish. Recognizing that God’s wisdom far surpassed his own, Job had a decision to make: continue to demand answers or surrender his own will to the One who is greater (read Jeremiah 17:7).

The key to Job’s freedom came in his recognition of God’s sovereignty (Job 42:2) and his willingness to repent for thinking he had a better way (v.6) —Regina Franklin


Read Psalms 19:9-14 and 139:23-24. What does David recognize about his own heart in these passages?


What are some questions you’ve been bringing before God recently? How do you respond when God gives you an answer you don’t want to hear?


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