Clear, Pure Water

John 7:37
On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted
to the crowds, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to Me!” (v.37).

A tall, cold glass of water. The condensation on
the glass cools my hand. Clear, pure, colorless,
odorless; free of man-made chemicals and
corruption. I lift the glass to my lips and drink this water
that deeply refreshes.

A small, gurgling stream in the forest. Silky ripples,
floating leaves, water flowing smoothly around rocks
and branches. Liquid as clear as crystal, revealing the
pebbles on the stream bed. I scoop my hands and
splash my face. It washes clean the sweat and grit—this
water that deeply cleanses.

A long-awaited storm in a drought-stricken land. Rain
falls, soaking soil, trickling down tree bark, dripping
off leaves. The soil sprouts new shoots, the tree stands
strong again, the leaves begin to flourish, and children
jump joyfully in the puddles—all from this water that
deeply renews.

Refreshing, cleansing, renewing. Without water we would
be thirsty, dirty, and lifeless. So when Jesus uses water as a
metaphor to describe Himself, we do well to listen.

This water refreshes us. “Anyone who is thirsty may
come to me!” Jesus shouts to us (John 7:37). The water
He offers refreshes forever, becoming a “fresh, bubbling
spring” within us as we drink it in (4:14). This water
cleanses our sweaty, dusty feet (John 13:6-10), and
washes away our dirty, gritty sins (1 John 1:9). This water
renews us. All who drink of it will have rivers of life burst forth from their heart
(John 7:38), bubbling springs that bring eternal life (4:14). Indeed, the One who
quenches our deepest thirst is making all things new (Revelation 21:5-6).
Jesus is the clear, pure, corruption-free water that refreshes, cleanses, and
renews. “Anyone who believes in Me may come and drink!” He says (John
7:38). Come again to the very source of life itself.

—Sheridan Voysey

Read Psalms 1:3, Psalms 42:1; Isaiah 32:2; Jeremiah 17:8, Jeremiah 31:9; Ezekiel 36:25; and Hebrews 10:22 and note how the “water” metaphor
is used.

How have you experienced Jesus’ offer of refreshing, cleansing,
and renewing water? How will you spend time “drinking” from Him