Tangible Creativity


Genesis 6:9

Build a large boat from cypress wood and waterproof it with tar, inside and out (v.14).

A friend named Erik Lokkesmoe, a successful audience mobilization agency founder and principal, recently shared on Facebook: “Here’s something I am trying with my kids: collecting unfinished artwork that shows the creative process, not the finished product. The handwritten notes that led to a new song. The pencil sketch of a painting. And, recently, a personalized drawing of Scar from The Lion King by the original artist. I want my kids to see imperfection, imagination, and inspiration—not always the framed, matted, and perfected outcome.”

I love Erik’s concept for inspiring and instructing his children. Equally intriguing to me is applying a similar study to leaders portrayed in Scripture. For example, to closely examine the process Noah went through to build the ark (Genesis 6:9); to consider what Moses endured to write down the Book of Instruction for the people of Israel and foreigners as well (Deuteronomy 31:9); or to study what King David experienced while preparing Solomon to construct the temple of the Lord (1 Chronicles 29:1).

While it may be difficult to provide your child with materials or blueprints from Noah’s ark, what about visiting a shipyard to watch a builder at work? Or, go to a soccer stadium to grasp the boat’s dimensions. (Biblical scholars estimate the ark was just under 1½ soccer fields long.)

Do an online study to learn how Moses wrote the Book of Instruction (the Pentateuch). Research the tools Moses likely used to write with and the surface he wrote (or chiseled!) on. Ask an interior designer to describe the types of materials that were likely used to make the curtains for the temple King Solomon built.

There’s much to be gained when we add creativity to our studies. Go for it!

—Roxanne Robbins


What obstacles do you think Noah may have had to overcome to do “everything exactly as God had commanded him”? (Genesis 6:22).


How can creatively studying Scripture help you grow in your knowledge and application of what it says? How has God creatively revealed Himself and His plans to us?


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