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  • Mandisa - Voice of a SaviorMandisa - Voice of a Savior
    Mandisa, what an angelic voice. Her style is not my favorite, I am more a fan of modern praise and worship music, but her way of doing gospel-style music is very appealing. This is a song from her debut album, "True Beauty". Called "Voice Of A Sav...bobmarshall2016-08-18T18:46:2490 views00:04:46
  • Jesus Culture _ Happy Day (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)Jesus Culture _ Happy Day (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
    Wow, if this doesn't get your toes tapping, then nothing will. From the live album "Your Love Never Fails" (an absolute must-have, by the way). Kim Walker on lead vocal, awesome instrumental accompaniment, one of the most fun worship songs of all ...bobmarshall2016-08-18T16:37:4854 views00:06:47
  • Mandisa - God SpeakingMandisa - God Speaking
    I made this video for Mandisa's song "God Speaking" from her 2007 album "True Beauty." Yeah, God speaks to us in many ways, we just have to be paying attention. Too often we offer our requests to Him via prayer, and then we fail to listen and we m...bobmarshall2016-08-18T15:57:50148 views00:04:58
  • Keith & Kristyn Getty - Facing A Task UnfinishedKeith & Kristyn Getty - Facing A Task Unfinished
    This is the title track from the Getty's new album "Facing A Task Unfinished." It's a missions song, sung to the tune "Aurelia" by Samuel Sebastian Wesley, grandson of Charles Wesley. The tune is most often associated with the hymn "The Church's O...bobmarshall2016-08-18T15:38:0867 views00:04:59
  • I Am They - No Longer SlavesI Am They - No Longer Slaves
    This is the group I Am They singing "No Longer Slaves." Bethel Music's version is the more popular version, but I like this one better since there is less fervency and urgency and more gratefulness. Just my opinion. Plus I like country music, and ...bobmarshall2016-08-18T14:52:48123 views00:03:49
  • Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum) & The Scott Family - Thy WillHillary Scott (Lady Antebellum) & The Scott Family - Thy Will
    Hillary Scott is one of the co-lead singers of the group Lady Antebellum. This is a poignant song from her album "Love Remains" that she recorded with her family. It includes her father, her younger sister, and her Grammy-award winning mother Lind...bobmarshall2016-08-18T14:22:51232 views00:03:59
  • Mark Condon - I Will SingMark Condon - I Will Sing
    Well, this is different for me. Not my usual style. Most of my videos use static JPEG slides, and I usually include the lyrics. And the images are usually tied directly to the lyrics. And the songs are usually not gospel music. So I violated a bun...bobmarshall2016-08-18T14:02:4852 views00:03:47
  • Hannah Kerr - UndividedHannah Kerr - Undivided
    I *love* discovering fresh new voices! This is 19-year old Hannah Kerr singing her song "Undivided." I think a bright musical future is in store for her. The message of the song reminds me of Romans 12:2 - "And do not be conformed to this world, b...bobmarshall2016-08-18T13:47:48154 views00:03:40
  • Meredith Andrews - I Look To The KingMeredith Andrews - I Look To The King
    From her fantastic album "Deeper", this is Meredith Andrews singing "I Look To The King." This is one of those rare albums where I really like every single track. With most albums I really like maybe three or four songs, maybe three or four others...bobmarshall2016-08-18T13:37:4947 views00:04:45
  • I Am They - AmenI Am They - Amen
    From their self-titled debut album, this is "Amen" by I Am They. Lead singer is Abbie Parker.bobmarshall2016-08-18T13:23:4058 views00:03:59
  • I Am They - Make A WayI Am They - Make A Way
    From their self-titled debut album this is a video I made for the song "Make A Way." The song features Abbie Parker on lead vocals. The name of the band is intriguing; the "they" part refers to the twelve disciples. Jesus frequently used the word ...bobmarshall2016-08-18T13:12:48109 views00:03:44
  • Among The Thirsty - Who You Say I AmAmong The Thirsty - Who You Say I Am
    The title song from Among The Thirsty's album. I attend Celebrate Recovery and the message of this song ties in very closely with what Celebrate Recovery espouses. Celebrate Recovery is a very encouraging program that teaches about how to deal wit...bobmarshall2016-08-18T12:57:4844 views00:03:34
  • Tim McGraw - Humble And KindTim McGraw - Humble And Kind
    A beautiful song written by Lori McKenna and sung by Tim McGraw. Lori also wrote the song "Fireflies", which Tim's wife Faith Hill recorded a few years ago. I guess they like Lori's style. So do I. Such imagery in the lyrics.bobmarshall2016-04-26T16:32:18498 views00:04:21
  • Danny Gokey - Tell Your Heart To Beat AgainDanny Gokey - Tell Your Heart To Beat Again
    I heard this song by Danny Gokey on the radio the other day. Iigured it was a new song, since I had never heard it before. But actually it's a song from Danny's 2014 album "Hope In Front Of Me." It's also been recorded by Phillips, Craig, and Dean...bobmarshall2016-03-23T22:07:061,138 views00:03:55
  • Meredith Andrews - Jesus SeesMeredith Andrews - Jesus Sees
    I can't get enough of Meredith Andrews' newest album "Deeper". Not only does she have a lovely voice, but she is a talented songwriter, too. And she knows how to interact with all of the wonderfully talented musicians around her. She co-wrote this...bobmarshall2016-03-13T01:57:53376 views00:04:08
  • Meredith Andrews - Hands That Are Holding MeMeredith Andrews - Hands That Are Holding Me
    Wow, Meredith Andrews' new album "Deeper" is fantastic. For some reason I am drawn to the songs that are not necessarily "radio-ready" (in my uninformed opinion); I really like the more poignant ones, such as this one, called "Hands That Are Holdi...bobmarshall2016-03-09T17:58:03168 views00:04:19