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Jason Crabb


'Expect The Unexpected' Jason Crabb At Larry's Country Diner - Christian Music Videos

Listen to ‘Expect The Unexpected’ performed by talented singer and guitarist Jason Crabb at Larry’s Country Diner. 

Is it any surprise to find Jason as a special guest on TV’s famous show, Larry’s Country Diner? Jason not only fit in with the crowd but they enjoyed his soulful voice. His hit song holds a special place in the hearts of fans because of the relatiilbity of song. We are reminded with God all things are possible. 

I’ve come to expect the unexpected from You
Things I can’t imagine, yet I know are true
All things are possible
There’s nothing you can’t do
I’ve come to expect the unexpected from You

From the first few chords and lyrics, you can’t help but sing along with Jason. Fans of Jason’s Gospel Blues mixed with southern country, you can’t help but dance right along to the music.Woven into the song is a nugget of God’s truth that encourages us run the race set before us. 

Even if fire is falls from heaven and the walls around us crumble. Even when life seems to be falling apart we can still expect the unexpected from God in the form of comfort, hope, peace, and miracles. 

I love when Jason reminds us of the heroes of faith in the Good Book: 

I bet Peter’s faith was lifted when he got out of the boat
David started dancing when he let go of that stone
Oh, Abraham and Sara thought they were way too old

Released in 2018, ‘Expect The Unxpected’ became a number one hit because of its uplifting, truth-filled message. But this isn’t the only song Jason is known for. According to his website, this gifted country Christian artist wone over 21 Dove Awards and one grammy in his career including being named Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards Artist and Male Vocalist of the year. 

Like the song’s title, posture yourself to begin expecting the unexpected from your heavenly Father. Cast every burden on Him and wait in anticipation as God answers your prayers as you pray according to His will in your life. We hope you enjoyed listening to Jason sing of God’s greatness today!

Matthew 19:26 “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”