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  • Mr. Brown's Talks to the Parents!Mr. Brown's Talks to the Parents!
    In this video Mr. Brown talks to the parents and tells them the highlights about what they have covered so far this first nine weeks!!americanhistory2010-10-04T16:26:48153 views00:06:57
  • Mr. Brown's Chapter 3 Review Part 2Mr. Brown's Chapter 3 Review Part 2
    Mr. Brown continues the chapter 3 review for the upcoming test! He also introduces a new song, "Invisible" by his favorite Christian band, "Disciple."americanhistory2010-10-02T02:25:44387 views00:09:59
  • Mr. Brown's Chapter 3 Review Part 1Mr. Brown's Chapter 3 Review Part 1
    Mr. Brown goes over the notes for Chapter 3 Test. Mr. Brown also introduces "Duchess" one of the two Dobermans that are family pets!!americanhistory2010-10-02T02:25:44541 views00:12:20
  • Stephen Hayes Interview BoysStephen Hayes Interview Boys
    This ia an interview that one of Mr. Brown's American History classes had with Stephen Hayes an artist/sculptur that did 15 life-size figures that portray slaves that were transported during the transatlantic slave trade era. The 15 figures repres...americanhistory2010-10-02T02:25:43439 views00:27:02
  • Stephen Hayes Interview GirlsStephen Hayes Interview Girls
    This is an interview with Stephen Hayes and one of Mr. Brown's girls' classes.This was a phenomenal interview---Stephen Hayes was awesome and Mr. Brown's girls class was inredible, too!!americanhistory2010-10-02T02:25:04370 views00:27:08
  • The American History ExperienceThe American History Experience
    This is an overview of what 8th Grade American History is going to be like!! American History Rocks!!americanhistory2010-10-02T02:23:28471 views00:08:12