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Testing for Truth
Is the Bible the highest source of authority in your life?

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Alison Krauss - I Give You To His Heart

This song is from a CD called "Nashville - The Prince Of Egypt". The CD is a collection of songs that were inspired by the movie. They were not actually in the movie. This is a beautiful song sung by Alison Krauss, written by Ron Block from her band Union Station. This song as written, of course, is about Moses' mother Jochebed sending him down the Nile River as a baby to protect him from Pharaoh's proclamation that all Hebrew baby boys were to be killed. I took artistic license here and interpreted the lyrics to relate to the subject of a birth mother making an adoption plan for her newborn child. Much like Jochebed had to give up Moses, some birth mothers must make the same decision. There are some strong parallels here, most importantly that God has a plan.

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