Award-Winning Girl's Choir Sings 'Ave Maria'

Award-Winning Girl's Choir Sings 'Ave Maria'

The talented vocalists of the Little Singers Of Armenia lend their voices to the iconic tune, ‘Ave Maria.’ ‘Ave Maria’ is a widely popular song from famed composer Franz Schubert.

It was originally composed in 1825, but over the years the song has evolved into a well-known classical piece. While many artists have covered this tune, there is nothing like hearing these words from the mouth of a child.

“Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Maria, gratia plena,
Maria, gratia plena,
Ave, Ave, Dominus,
Dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus,
Et benedictus fructus ventris (tui),
Ventris tui, Jesus.
Ave Maria!”

Today, the Little Singers of Armenia, an award-winning girl’s choir is belting out these beloved words. These angelic voices truly give a new sound to this iconic song and it's absolutely incredible to hear.

On their Facebook page, the Little Singers of Armenia share their many accomplishments including being ‘honored with the highest awards by the Prime-Minister and the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, the Mayor of Yerevan. The choir was also decorated with the Leonardo Da Vinci Silver Medal by the European Academy of Natural Sciences.”

I just love how all of their voices combine to create a special rendition of this amazing tune. These young women truly have a talent well beyond their years and it is so amazing so watch them all come together. It takes so much time and practice to perfect a performance like this but this choir pulled it off flawlessly.

Who else was in awe of this young choir?