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Passing By
When have you needed someone to come to your aid?

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Work Heartily, as if Working for the Lord



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  • Plymouth's Pilgrims and Their Christian Faith
    Plymouth's Pilgrims and Their Christian FaithAmerica's first sustaining settlers came aboard the Mayflower, and as stated in their compact, sought to undertake this endeavor "for ye glorie of God and advancement of ye Christian faith." (Direct quote from the Mayflower Compact, signed in the ...graceworldmission2016-05-20T23:42:2424 views00:06:49
  • Surf and Scenes from Santa Cruz and Carmel feat. Break Over Me (song)
    Surf and Scenes from Santa Cruz and Carmel feat. Break Ov...Fun surf in the Central Coast of California. Getting some fun waves in Santa Cruz and Carmel, along with some scenes from the area.

    Song: Break over Me
    Performed by: Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux
    Written by: Bryan Marleaux ©
    graceworldmission2016-05-18T23:12:2316 views00:04:16
  • Towards a Healthy Marriage
    Towards a Healthy MarriageWith 50 percent of Christian marriages ending in divorce, and the assault on the institution of marriage happening in today’s age, Scriptural and spiritual insight is needed as never before. Gain vital understanding into the important principles o...graceworldmission2013-04-25T21:24:05760 views00:28:07
  • Celtic Christian Legacy and Treasures
    Celtic Christian Legacy and TreasuresThe Celtic Christian legacy of mission and evangelism, as well as coverage of some of the important Christian treasures housed in Dublin, Ireland.graceworldmission2013-04-11T01:09:01611 views00:23:13
  • Song--For Those Tears I Died
    Song--For Those Tears I DiedPopular song from the Jesus People Movement.graceworldmission2013-04-10T20:49:053,463 views00:01:35
  • Celtic Cry--Scenes and Surf in Ireland
    Celtic Cry--Scenes and Surf in IrelandVarious surf and scenes from around Ireland.

    Featuring song: Celtic Cry


    Old Stormy skies
    Green valleys
    I hear an ancient cry
    Calling out to me.

    Lashing seas
    Skerries and bogs
    graceworldmission2013-04-10T20:44:04553 views00:03:34
  • Holy Ghost Surf Stories: Israeli Connections
    Holy Ghost Surf Stories: Israeli ConnectionsWhile coming into Israel we had an amazing divine appointment where God not only supplied our need but gave us a great opportunity to witness to a young Israeli surfer as well.graceworldmission2012-04-05T17:24:07564 views00:28:30
  • Scotland, John Knox, and the King James Bible
    Scotland, John Knox, and the King James BibleOn location in Scotland, at the very site where John Knox preached at King James' coronation ceremony, we share the story of how these events led to the publication of the famed King James Bible.
    Check out our blog on this subject:
    graceworldmission2012-03-30T02:14:051,044 views00:19:11
  • Lindisfarne: A Visit to the Historic Celtic Christian Island
    Lindisfarne: A Visit to the Historic Celtic Christian Isl...Lindisfarne Island became one of the centers of Celtic Christianity, famed for producing the Lindisfarne Gospels. It was also the historical site that marks the official beginning of the Viking age in 793, as the place noted for the first raid by ...graceworldmission2012-03-30T00:34:05954 views00:10:42
  • Zwingli and the Reformation in Switzerland
    Zwingli and the Reformation in SwitzerlandThe Reformation spread into Switzerland when Ulrich Zwingli, having been influenced by Martin Luther, began to reform the church in his country.graceworldmission2010-11-17T15:35:321,551 views00:20:57
  • Divine Rescue in Guethary
    Divine Rescue in GuetharyWhile stranded in the Basque Region of France at the notorious big-wave spot called Guethary after a grueling bike ride to get there, God performed a miracle to get us safely back to where we were staying and opened the doors to share the Gospel w...graceworldmission2010-10-02T02:26:59659 views00:28:24
  • Ministry at Orphanage in Kosovo
    Ministry at Orphanage in KosovoHaving fun with the kids singing a powerful revival song from Argentina titled "Esta cayendo el fuego de Dios " (The fire of God is falling).graceworldmission2010-10-02T02:03:571,619 views00:03:26
  • The Great Awakening
    The Great AwakeningAmerica's first great mass revival set the spiritual tone for the country's future preachers like George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards, who saw God usher in a move of the Spirit under their ministries that shook the colonies and impacted many wi...graceworldmission2010-10-02T01:46:572,012 views00:28:33
  • George Whitefield and the 18th Century Revivals
    George Whitefield and the 18th Century RevivalsGeorge Whitefield, known as the Prince of Preachers, was one of the greatest preachers and revivalists the world has ever known. His powerful conversion, followed by his dramatic ministry, spawned revivals on both sides of the Atlantic: in Englan...graceworldmission2010-10-02T01:46:571,398 views00:28:11
  • Message on Marriage
    Message on MarriageMessage on marriage given at a recent wedding concerning the need to rely on Christ, His Cross, and the Holy Spirit for a blessed marriage.graceworldmission2010-10-02T01:22:411,561 views00:15:36
  • The Rise of Persecution--The Gospel in the Roman Empire Series--Part 3
    The Rise of Persecution--The Gospel in the Roman Empire S...Heavy persecution of Christians arose under the reign of several emperors during the time of the Roman Empire.graceworldmission2010-10-02T01:09:091,640 views00:28:52