Miracle babies beat odds and survive!



  • 2012-08-28T20:28:13

They are in my prayers. They shall live to glorify Christ.

  • 2012-07-24T15:02:50

My twins were 1.2lbs and 2.12lbs were born @ 28 weeks but smaller than 26/26 weeks size for the one. We were told early on that there would be problems so had the thunder pulled out about the twins to really enjoy the pregnancy. God had the right to give and take life away and we rested in Him about the results and prayed for His mercy. He granted us our request and we have 2 beautiful girls 7 years old. All things God creates is for His Honor and Glory and the Praise is to be given to Him. Yes my girls have some extra challenges some hearing loss and low vision but are just how God wanted them so they truly are perfect.I understand the challenges in the NICU then adjusting back at home again once they are under one roof.

  • 2012-07-23T20:31:00

I think it's a miracle that you can even say those words! Thank you!

  • 2012-07-23T14:16:55

I went into labor at 22 weeks with twins. they put me on strict bedrest. Labor again at 23 weeks. Stayed in strict bedrest, like Alicia. At 28 weeks, I gave birth to my twin boys. Abraham was 2lb10oz and Moses 2lb7oz. Abraham is now a happy and healthy nearly 7 yr old! Moses went to be with Jesus at 1 mo. and is happy and healthy again running with the angels. I have been in Alicia's shoes. God works ALL things for HIS glory!

  • 2012-07-03T17:42:45

Wow what a miracle from god! amazing story! the public should hear about this more! Ever wish God could pause your life in certain moments? Me too, so I've done just that. Check out my parenting blog! http://www.pausebuttonplease.com/

  • 2012-05-25T23:03:37

my cousin just had twin boys that where 2 months early and weight 2pounds 1 ounce and 2 pounds 2 ounses! please keep Ethen and Even in your prayers!

  • 2012-05-25T03:06:02

My daughter is raising two miracle babies, one is DS the older boy is FAS,& other, but GOD is in total control of these boys, you know GOD doesn't make junk or neither does HE make mistakes..... THANK YOU, JESUS.

  • 2012-05-24T15:57:56

I would really like to be able to contact these parents and put them in touch with a friend of mine who, 7 days ago, gave birth to an 11 oz baby girl. They gave her 0% chance of survival and she is getting stronger every day. I wonder how these twins are doing today =). God doesn't operate within man's predictions... THANK YOU, GOD!

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