Did Jesus drink alcohol? Can Christians drink?-Mark Dever



  • 2014-07-01T12:07:09

Well stated. I agree.

  • 2011-10-17T06:29:25

Jesus should have drunk fermented drinks made with grapes as those were the only drinks available except water. The Bible has no records of Jesus ever being drunk as being in such a state is listed as a moral failure in the Scriptures. Most of us don't follow Jesus' Jewish diet anyway. We should not apply double standards but strive for what is good and right. Most Christian churches teach to abstain from alcohol as we have plenty types of safe drinks today because of its addictive force and the 100% destructive effects of drunkenness. We should obey the local churches we belong. Christians who drink alcohol won't go to hell because of that but it will guarantee their ineffectiveness and many times invite uselessness for the Kingdom of God. Disobeying the Church is a sin, too. If they want to drink wine, they can consider joining the Catholic Church but the Catholics don't have sound Biblical doctrines. Healthy Christians strive for holiness and maturity, not try to find excuses to engage in spiritually dangerous or potentially sinful activities.

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