President Obama - The Baby Whisperer



  • 2012-05-17T21:32:31

that is true but he is still the president and other presidents before him will may feel the same way or not . the only thing i see wrong with him other than thee Abortion thing is the fact he supports gay marriage. to me that broke the camels back. I do not hate gays nor do i discriminate against them. they have rights,they have almost everything a man and a woman couple have except marriage. i just think there is a possibility he may in his second term change his mind and push for a gay marriage law he has already repealed "dont ask dont tell". he could change his mind at anytime and push for a new marriage law. all he needs is someone in congress to write the law up.there is no where in the Bible that says it is okay for homosexuals to get married and that they are righteous and holy people.

  • 2012-01-12T23:38:06

In reply there is no difference in killing blacks, Jews or anyone one else. My comment has nothing to do with republicans or democrats and everything to do with how precious life is for everyone. No man who upholds abortion will ever get my vote. No matter what party he belongs to or the color of his skin because I believe there are certain things that truly move the heart of God, but the sanctity of life is one of those. So black, Jew, democrat or republican, it doesn't matter. God is grieved. He never ordains sin no matter how politically correct it may be. I know scripture as well, and I know that just because God may have a plan for us under the leadership of Obama does not dismiss him for being responsible for everything he does while holding office and by the way. I hold no party closer to heart than I hold God, that way I stand on conviction and have every right to my opinion. Enough said!

  • 2012-01-11T18:39:08

dead in christ must rise first and everyone alive in christ will be caught up and we will meet the Lord Jesus in the Air. that is the rapture not the second coming. oh and the anti-christ will be more charming then Obama. he be able to make a deal with Muslims and Jews. Obama and all thee other past so called anti christ's have not been able to fulfill that Bible prophecy. the word says; the people of Ishmael will be a wild man and every mans hand will be against his hand and his hand will be against every mans hand. So whoever the REAL ANTI CHRIST IS HE MUST BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH THE ARABS AND CONVINCE THEM TO ACCEPT THE JEWS AND VICE VERSUS.....

  • 2012-01-11T18:30:02

lay aside you feelings . what do murdering babies have to do with this video? Nothing. Point made

  • 2012-01-11T18:27:45

I don't care what evangelics thinks the Word says: " that the powers that be were ordaned by God.".. So to question Obama as president is like question God's authority. he put Obama in the presidency for many reason we may never know of but we do know some of the answers and that is the word of God. who we to question why God allowed Obama to President. If we question God we become Satan. he question God and and challenge God for His throne. war broke out in heaven. And we sit hear and complain and disagree with each other on petty stuff that makes no sense. enjoy the moment.

  • 2012-01-11T00:35:02

Oh and Ms Brown so did your other republican presidents...may I say what's the difference between killing babies and killing blacks, jews, etc .....I think you get the picture....there's no difference...

  • 2012-01-11T00:32:31

What a great comment Laticia and I totally agree. We as Americans need to really be real in our love for Christ and man....The way we as a people treat each other and to want to still enslave people, and yet we call ourselves christian, come on pls.

  • 2011-12-22T14:55:07

Karen Fitzgerald Probably responding to her perfume? xD

  • 2011-09-30T21:50:14


  • 2011-09-30T17:33:23

Truth be told if scripture was correctly taught we would know that the spirit of antichrist (anti the anointed one and His anointing) has been in the church since the days of Paul...there's no such person as the "AntiChrist"...the spirit is and has been alive and active in all kinds of places for a LONG time...

  • 2011-09-30T17:24:00

can't really say he's full of the love of God when he has policies that cause babies to be killed and he supports changing laws to allow foundational truths from Gods Word to be eroded...not sure exactly how he can do both...James has something to say on that front I believe. I'm not American however so God Bless you and I pray true and lasting "Change" comes to American Politics and Politians soon! As a nation, getting a real understanding of The Fathers heart would be a great start!

  • 2011-09-21T03:38:54

Clem Edwards I think the baby was too stunned to respond otherwise..."Why would my loving mother allow this to happen?"

  • 2011-09-21T03:37:55

Stan Zack Actually, he voted for it three times. The man must love kids...or something.

  • 2011-09-07T18:08:52

What! This "baby whisperer" supports murdering these sweet things in the womb!

  • 2011-09-05T03:26:58

just because he voted that way does not make Obama any less than a believer in Jesus Christ as you Stan Zack.

  • 2011-08-19T17:54:47

You do realize he is NOT pro-life and even once voted in favor of partial-birth abortion? All I can say is good thing the baby in the video was born!

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