Christian Teen Shares Final Thoughts Before His Death



  • 2012-01-17T02:02:04

Paul Abigail Miller Paul Abigail Miller No what your doing is tarnishing this boy's faith. He's with God and let him be with God instead of continuing in this state. Everyone knows that the States is like the breathing place for the devil because of what goes on there but there are still people who are willing to stand up and shake the nation and say God is Here! Do not let God's work be destroyed by your confusion that doing to people by this 'so called discussion'! It's at the wrong time

  • 2012-01-17T02:00:28

Leana Lane Whitlow Amen amen amen!

  • 2012-01-17T01:10:37

Watch this video that he posted on june 29-2011 : . We have no right to judge his heart! For God again is the Only one that can judge. I didn't knew him before his death but after I watched his videos I can say with most certainty that it's not our place to say anything about what he felt in his heart because he and only God knew what was in his heart! Your heart may be at the right place but it's at the Wrong time... May God grant you wisdom and knowledge to know when to speak certain things. Be blessed!

  • 2012-01-16T14:55:44


  • 2012-01-16T14:46:03

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is God made flesh, that he died for my sins and that He is the only way to salvation. I sometimes meet other Christians who question my salvation because my outward expression of faith/spirituality does not look like their own. I am sure you have experienced the same. At one time I defended my own walk by questioning theirs. I regret to say that it took years for me to realize that I was guilty of the same divisive speech. The word kept bringing me back to extending grace. We are all part of the same body, even if you are an eye and I am a foot. I have come to know (for me only?) that edification of the body of Christ must guide me in all speech and circumstances. I really liked what Ben's sister had to say at his funeral.

  • 2012-01-13T15:48:34

Félix A. Torres Clemente you may be right, and I hope you are. Once again, you (and others) have completely missed my point. My issue is not with Ben Breedlove. I hope he was saved. My issue with those who assume he was a Christian, and basically congratulate him as being such, based on the content of THIS VIDEO. Aren't they making the same assumptions you accuse me of, just on the other side? So to use your same question and reasoning, "Who tells you that he DID accept Jesus before he died?"

  • 2012-01-11T18:32:23

Paul Abigail Miller Who tells you that he didn't accept Jesus before he passed? You don't know, we don't know, only God. Maybe he was more Christian than you. Maybe.

  • 2012-01-10T17:41:04

Cheyanne Rene Finelli aren't you JUDGING my (so-called) judgment? :-) I think it's time to put away the "thou shalt not judge" card, folks. Especially if you're a Christian. Leave the twisting of that verse to the atheists, who love to throw it in our faces. But a Christian should know that there ARE times to judge; there ARE times to question what others claim, etc. So, to answer your question, Cheyanne, YES, absolutely, I thought it all through before I posted. I read many of the comments by folks just like you that congratulated Ben on going to heaven. And, again, I stand on the sidelines and say, "BASED ON WHAT?" I'm getting a lot of stones thrown my way based on emotionalism, but I'm not seeing much Bible to prove that ANYTHING said in the video even remotely resembles Christianity, or that the comments said about the video have any biblical basis whatsoever. I've already made it clear that it wasn't my intention to be insensitive to the sadness of the situation. If that has happened, it's regrettable. But what I think is more regrettable is the apparent acceptance of the subtle lie that "in the end, we all really will be ok." That's not Bible, and that theology does not define the God of the Bible. God is love, yes, but he's also completely just, and neither of the two gives way for a moment to the other.

  • 2012-01-10T17:28:01

Theresa Middleton I agree with you. So is the word "Christian" in the title and why are those commenting making him out to be a Christian? I never claimed he didn't see what he says he saw. He may very well have. But that does NOT make him a Christian (by your own posted dictionary definition). And it doesn't mean that those visions were from God. As I've stated all along, my issue isn't with what he saw, or even what he said. My issue is mostly with the across-the-board comments that rejoice that, BASED ON THIS VIDEO AND CONTENT, he's in heaven today. All I'm asking is, "Based on WHAT?" In spite of the rocks that have been hurled my way, I think the several comments mixed in approving of what I said prove that I raised a valid issue.

  • 2012-01-10T16:42:02

Melba, Your testimony is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with does that may not beleive and for reminding those of us that do beleive. May God bless you and use you to take this message to hundreds, thousands, or even millions!!

  • 2012-01-09T17:11:55

Paul Abigail Miller How long have you been a "Christian"? You seem to have a strong belief that this young man did NOT see what he says he saw. How do you know this story is not true? Why would a young man, dying, tape this? I believe that God uses us to strengthen our faith and the faith of others. It is not a mistake that this video was taped, God is in control and just the peace it brings his family can be nohing but a message from God. This is my belief and it brings a smile to my face.

  • 2012-01-09T12:05:05

Gary Sabiran So what you're saying is that you know for a fact that Ben wasn't saved and that he couldn't have possibly accepted Jesus before coming close to death or either of the first 3 times? People need to stop judging this kid and let him rest in peace.

  • 2012-01-08T19:59:35

To Ben's Parents You need to know Ben had such a good experience to feel a little peace for your self. I know it hurts we are the one's that hurt when someone we love dies. Ben went to heaven on the best day in heaven ever. Pray for Peace here on earth Ben, I sure you were loved very much.

  • 2012-01-08T01:00:11

Hey, the Breedlove Family. My older brother passed in 1995. My family understands your grief and faith in Christ....I watched this video of Ben and the video of your daughter's sharing at Ben's funeral....One thing I love about what I read and heard, is your last name. Breelove. I saw that lived out. Not just in his sister's love for Ben, or how close your family is (when you all prayed together), and not even just in how much Ben loved that room in his vision. It was the Love of Christ/God that they both talked about. Such a peace as in Phil. 4 really is un-explainable. I, too, have experienced His peace. Not within the same circumstances as yourselves or of the other's testimonies on this page, but it was definitely of God. With what I read and heard, I love the wisdom and perspective He gives us. God bless you all as you continue to live this life here on earth in honor of bringing glory to God. Thank-you, Mr. and Mrs. Breedlove, for raising your family to know God. KNOW Him. I praise God for families like yours, who through whatever circumstance they face, God draws attention back to Himself through their stories. Your boy and girl have been a great encouragement. And I know that reflects how their home life has been....God will continue to provide all you need, more than you may currently realize. He has done much for me. God Bless, Elisa R.; Minnesota. P.S. I know I'm not the only one who would love to be updated with how you and your family are doing, respectfully. Consider letting us know about events in your lives as you continue to live for Him. Eg: Daughter's grad from college, passages of scripture that have encouraged/strengthened you, encouraging stories of help you have received throughout Ben's life and this new chapter you now live.

  • 2012-01-07T03:09:08

I Too have cheated death 3 time. the last time I was gone for 5 min. and did not want to come back. I was sent back an got losted on my way back. wow let me tell you that was na experience I will never for get. not to say I will for get the other time but, I fealt lost for weeks after that. I know I will be going back soon. , y husban ask how do I know all I can say is I know.he keeps saying you will be around for a while No no I will not. the only thing keeping my heart going is my pacemaker/ defibulater and bubble gum lol my heart is so bad that st. judes did not beleve my doc. got it in. it should have only taken 45 min. start to finish 4 hr later they wheel me out of th OR.i have gon throw 2 of them in 2 1/2 yr. I know I will be going home soon , but we all will. we are only passing throw here. on our way home. I know it sound bad but I wish he would have kept me. I still had work to do. God gave me the time to say good by to my children.with hom I will miss very much but I will see them again.

  • 2012-01-06T21:33:40

Paul Abigail Miller this kid was brave enough to tell about his expieriences in such a manner and who are you to complain about someone being christian or not!! we dont have the Right to judge others or doubt someones faith you dont know him as far as you know this could be a diehard christian! and he obvioulsy said that he believes in god & angels just because its on a "white card" doesnt mean anything its that he wrote it thats what matters! and im not to judge eaither but seriously did you think before you posted your comments or did you just want to comment and not know what to say?

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