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Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved?



  • 2011-10-22T20:04:45

Not everyone is already saved and not everyone will be saved automatically, according to the Bible. Universalism is neither the tone or the content of the Scriptures. The Biblical Christianity for 2,000 years never got the most important message wrong. As fellow sinners we wish no one will burn in hell forever because we all deserve it after all, but eternal, conscious hell is the ultimate reason the infinite God Jesus came to die the atoning death for us to rescue us. He would not have to come to earth as Man if hell was not a permanent result of sin. We know the penalty of sin is according to the actual conducts alone(Revelation ch.20), and eternity seems unfair comparing to the time limit on earth no matter what amount of sin one has committed. But in consideration of His character, the justice of God is trustworthy on the other side and so is His fairness on the terms and time. We know on heaven and hell partially but we know one thing for sure. Humans MUST believe and trust in Jesus for the remission of sin while alive on earth in order to be saved. We are not given any other way or hope. We can have millions of wishful thoughts and free imaginations but the reality is one. The condition of human hearts that reject the Savior Jesus seems like a hell itself.

  • 2011-07-07T13:59:11

I am sad to hear that 53% of Christians believe people can be saved by other religions. Many of these don't understand that Jesus is unique and his resurrection is a historical fact. We can only be saved by Jesus period! Now with this said one must distinguish the clear difference between Unitarian Universalism and Evangelical Universalism. They are not the same. There are some Christians that believe everyone will eventually be saved by JESUS... And I any leaning more toward that view all the time. Officially I am in research but the eternal burning hell doctrine is not supported by logic or scriptures. I will put up a video soon.