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You are Far More Precious than Jewels



Plumb - Drifting Lyric Video



  • 2013-02-08T08:10:05

I think the song's beautiful..... and knowing that Jesus is the only solution, didn't note that they had omitted to say his name..... the existence of a solution entails Jesus..Two sides, one coin...... But perhaps I presumed too much..... I was looking for the personal message rather than the propaganda value..... Each person brings away what he's meant to have.....

  • 2011-10-31T17:23:39

I love this song! It makes me feel like even though your in a bad place you still have god!:))).

  • 2011-09-22T13:24:34

Stephen Scott, You evidently know them personally. This is good because you know them better than the rest of the world who listens to their music. The music is written to the world, not just you. So the impression that it leaves someone who is in need is not given. There is no answer for them in the song.

  • 2011-09-18T01:26:35

I agree all the love is for JESUS

  • 2011-09-07T00:00:20

Of course the point of the tune screams "LEARN THE GOSPEL". Maybe the melody ain't so hot but, the message's OBVIOUS. "Oh. I get it". You actually think the songwriter made the video while writing this song. How Quaint.

  • 2011-09-06T15:54:00

I was hoping that I could pass this on to a friend who is "drifting" but it doesn't point to God or Jesus for him to hold on to, I get the reference to sun for a believer but may be hard for the unbeliever...great music and lyrics otherwise...

  • 2011-09-05T23:12:11

Where is the hope in Jesus Christ in this song? We need Him more than ever when we are overwhelmed, depressed and just looking each morning when you wake up.

  • 2011-09-02T20:13:29

Credit to Dick Peterson for the last line of the paragraph. Love you man!

  • 2011-09-02T15:24:54

I tastefully disagree. I think the actual sun is an appropriate metaphor in the context of the song. I agree that Jesus Christ is THE answer for people who are drowning. But is this song focusing on believers or non-believers. To the former the metaphor should spark a deeper meaning (i.e. Jesus is the "sun" you can look to when you are "drowning") to the latter, anything short of a testimony for Jesus Christ or a sharing of the gospel that clarifies a person's need for salvation, I am not sure what use this song would serve. Not trying to be provocative, just my 2 cents. But that and $1.65 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

  • 2011-09-01T01:17:55

This song could be put on pop radio with a good message to people. On radio they don't see the words, they only hear them and they may interpret it as sun or Son.

  • 2011-08-31T23:17:03

Great call guys. I must say that I kept waiting for more in the song, and more especially that Promise that Jesus Christ Holds Salvation for us all. We are given New Life BY THE SON!

  • 2011-08-31T18:29:11

Had same response. Great music, but focuses only on the problem, not the solution.

  • 2011-08-31T16:17:54

that was beautiful :)

  • 2011-08-31T15:07:23

I agree! We must never leave one where he/she is found but lifted up with hope. That hope is given in Jesus Christ! The need is shown in the song, but how to fulfill that need is not. One is left to pull himself up by his own bootstraps! God's Word lifts me like nothing else! I suggest reading the Gospel of John to start with, over and over! It helps to get to know the Lord Jesus better....Who truly satisfies the deepest longing!

  • 2011-08-31T14:34:03

This song is beautiful and touched my heart like you wouldn't believe, Praise God! This song describes a lot of the feelings I have had, Bless you Jesus, Amen.

  • 2011-08-31T14:31:03

I agree! They misspelled SON! That was the very first thing that caught me eye!