Into The Streets of Ethiopia



  • 2012-09-07T14:22:37

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  • 2012-09-07T14:18:36

We pulled into an empty parking lot where he was and he came over. He asked if we knew where he could get a job. I gave him a reference and the food my sister bought. He said thank you, took the food and ran off. I know from experience, that for him, this was not easy for him to accept. The feeling in my soul went away at that moment and peace and joy and thankfulness overwhelmed me at that moment. I am not bragging about the good works that I do, I am simply trying to tell anyone who will listen, please look inside your heart and let God speak to you.Because someday, this could very well be you holding a sign. Just as God saw the very people he created in his own perfect image, now full of sin, he sent his only son, in the flesh to take away our sin and be forgiven. He is a very kind and generous God. Just give him a chance to work in your life. He worked in mine, my sister's, the man on the street and in my children's life that day. It says in the Bible, be careful of what you do and say to other people in your life, if only for and instant, for the could be and angel working for God. Peace be with you always!

  • 2012-09-07T14:09:26

While there was another human being, no... soul, begging for food and someone to care.I cried. I expressed to my sister my thoughts and how this bothered me. I told her I know exactly how this man felt, being in his shoes ten years ago with a baby.We continued to drive for about twenty minutes. My sister pulled into a fast food restaurant and placed a rather large order. I thought we were picking up dinner for the family. Then, to my surprise, she drove to where the man was when we passed him. Sure enough he was there with his sign. Now, I know there are some people out there who do this to save money or are just too lazy to work for what they want.However, I don't think this was the case with this man, I believe God was working on me, because I just could not get over my sadness when I saw him.

  • 2012-09-07T14:03:30

It aches me to see that there are no comments on this. Is this a harsh reality that we as Christians and non Christians are afraid to face? Possibly. It saddened me in the beginning to see these photos and yet at the end, was it me smiling? Or was it my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ smiling through me? It's easy to sit and put the blame on the ones who are going through this, but is it not easier to be the solution and not the problem? My sister and I were driving down a busy part of roadway the other day and we saw a man with a sign that read " I am poor and I am homeless and hungry, I will work for food. I looked at my sister and told her that was sooo sad. Now, I could have just said that and went about my day like many of us do when we are faced with this conflict, but something , (Jesus, Holy Spirit or God) moved me. This really bothered me, to know that I was on my way Home, with MY FAMILY, to prepare DINNER.

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