Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)



  • 2015-06-27T05:01:51

Chris, this song is beautiful. I hope you give yourself rest and freedom for yourself as well. Thanks for all your ministry to us. I pray you have great grace for yourself as well.

  • 2015-06-10T13:18:27


  • 2015-06-03T09:57:08

Dorothy Kelly keep the faith & remember everything happens in Gods timing not ours . I cant tell you how many times or years I prayed about my husbands drinking but what kept me going was I didn't give up my faith, like they say God wont give you more then you can handle ... not saying it will be easy to deal with & I knew at some point in time when God says its time to quit it would happen. I had people including family say kick him to the curb he will never change but my wedding vows said in sickness, health, good times, bad times & I was determined to tuff it out because I did love him & knew it was in Gods hands he would take care of the problem & he did so keep praying & keep the faith even if others tell you it will never happen because I am here to tell you if God is in the picture it will happen

  • 2015-06-03T05:07:58

Jenny Gremm Thank you, I needed that...

  • 2015-06-02T22:26:06

Dorothy Kelley I was a heroin addict for 22 years but God was merciful to me and totally changed my life around. God's grace is amazing. I also seemed like a hopeless case but God had other plans. As Jenny Gremm said, there IS hope for your brother too! I pray that you will also be able to see your brother come to the Lord. God bless and keep you!

  • 2015-05-19T22:08:15


  • 2015-05-18T18:53:47

Such a beautiful song! I dedicate this song to our special and very dear friend that went to heaven this morning to meet our Lord. Thank you for this song!

  • 2015-05-18T13:42:27

Why can't we see? It's God Grace we need....

  • 2015-05-05T12:29:17

I love it

  • 2015-04-15T23:26:42

he did great

  • 2014-12-31T21:03:11

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  • 2014-09-05T11:33:01

jesus, i was once lost but now i'm found. its really peaceful and blessed with amazing grace. when all my chains are gone.

  • 2014-07-10T14:26:24

Amen, what powerful words and sung by a powerful Artist !!!!!!

  • 2014-05-31T17:07:18

Sharon, I thought he said he was from Houston??

  • 2014-05-07T21:40:25

I, and I believe Chris Tomlin would say : "Give the Glory to GOD "

  • 2014-04-25T13:44:57

I love this song.I think Chris sings it the best.

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