What does it mean to be a Christian?



  • 2012-10-29T03:53:25

Simpel Truths, Love ya'll.

  • 2012-04-29T02:23:54

What is the name of the song at the end of the video?

  • 2012-04-24T18:23:45

Absolutely agree! There is so much that can be done to help. Looking around you see material things that really are not necessary in one's life, really. Take that money and feed the poor, clothe the poor, offer to buy medicine, offer to be a listener to the shut-ins, and the list goes on....

  • 2012-02-25T13:33:41

What do you think? Everyone has an opinion, what is the real truth? Do you know it? ♥

  • 2012-02-14T15:51:50

this is without doubt the best explanation of what a Christian is and should be. Praise God Please get back to me if you agree or not?

  • 2012-02-13T14:15:42

Great explanation.

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