How did anti-Christian ideals come to dominate education in recent times?-Keith Nix



  • 2012-08-12T07:16:19

Self-smartness causes questioning God's authority and godless self-reliance. There's a pattern. The secular society's condition has proved that anti-christian attitudes have been deadly wrong all along and there is nothing desirable in such godless ideals.

  • 2012-06-01T12:35:40

The liberals are practically anti-christian and anti-bible, no matter what covers they use. That's why.

  • 2012-05-24T15:25:40

Here are real internal reasons. The field of natural science, which had been hailed as the absolute authority in the secular society since sometime after the end of WW2, cannot refute God's existence or the creation facts. Meanwhile, people have become drunken with prosperity and addicted to all kinds of immorality worse each year. Christianity's outstanding superiority is irrefutable in music, art, and in literature while the languages and mathematics seem to remain neutral. So the anti-Christians in the West started to attack the historic Christianity including their own Christian ancestors who were morally far better than themselves. The reason no one in the world respects the Westerners anymore, unlike decades ago. Since the present secular Westerners hail barbarism/magic and hate Christianity and their own ancestors, no one has any reason to look up to such people. The liberal media and entertainment continued the malicious acts of repainting the past history, since to them all mankind both past and present is morally despicable just like themselves, and people chose to be brainwashed by them, loving wild fantasies and lies. They are illiterate on the Bible therefore cannot even comprehend their own forefathers' writings. Meanwhile, the Christians in the West have been systematically educated that meekness and the self-attack without discernment are the only existing virtues in this world both by the liberal church leaders and by the world. Also, many Christians in the West happened to be carefree about knowing the world history, and the non-West doesn't admit who gave them all the human rights, equality and civility. It worked perfectly well for anti-Christans' agenda. Natural humans have become further perverse, out of control, and blasphemous as the Church in the West kept its niceness in silence. It's time to attempt to halt the baby-killing Sodomites' dominance.

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