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  • Judge Judy Solves A Case In 20 SecondsJudge Judy Solves A Case In 20 Seconds
    Judge Judy Sheindlin has been gracing the television sets of millions of Americans for over 20 years. She has become famous for her stern "no-excuses" attitude, divisive decisions, and harsh criticism. But despite her television persona, she conti...yabbadabbadoo2018-03-20T16:35:531,925 views00:00:00
  • Paramedic Fakes Injury To Pull Off Elaborate ProposalParamedic Fakes Injury To Pull Off Elaborate Proposal
    This girl was overcome with emotion when she thought that her boyfriend was severely injured. Her boyfriend is a paramedic and he's being wheeled into the hospital room laying strapped to a gurney. She is obviously very concerned for his well-bein...yabbadabbadoo2018-03-20T16:31:27732 views00:00:00
  • Funny Southerners Compare Pollen To Horror MovieFunny Southerners Compare Pollen To Horror Movie
    I sure do love when the seasons change and it starts to get warmer, but I am not a big fan about pollen season. And It's almost that time of year where we need to keep those tissues and allergy meds handy.

    Springtime is upon us and though we l...
    yabbadabbadoo2018-03-13T16:22:54699 views00:00:00
  • Southerner Explains Many Meanings Of Ya'llSoutherner Explains Many Meanings Of Ya'll
    If you were raised in the South, you know that the word 'ya'll' can have a ton of different meanings. That's why the funny people at It's a Southern Thing decided to make this humorous video to help everyone figure out what that particular 'ya'll'...yabbadabbadoo2018-02-14T11:41:32732 views00:00:00
  • Husband Sings Funny Song About Wife's DietHusband Sings Funny Song About Wife's Diet
    The Holderness family never fails to make us laugh with this hilarious parodies and puns. Somehow, they always find a way to to relate everyday situations to popular songs.

    Today, for example, the father of the family is not too happy about hi...
    yabbadabbadoo2018-02-08T11:21:161,320 views00:00:00
  • Christian Comedian Anita Renfroe On MillennialsChristian Comedian Anita Renfroe On Millennials
    Christian comedian Anita Renfoe always comes up with the funniest stories to share. I don't have a clue how she thinks of some of this stuff, but I'm sure glad she does because whenever I hear her I cannot stop laughing.

    Anita is a proud mothe...
    yabbadabbadoo2018-02-05T14:25:4619,780 views00:00:00
  • Police Officer Pulls Over Daughter Police Officer Pulls Over Daughter
    It's always a stressful situation when you get pulled over by a police officer. And sometimes, you might not even be sure why you were pulled over in the first place. But for this woman, getting pulled over has become a normal occurrence and she k...yabbadabbadoo2018-01-31T15:25:56279 views00:00:00
  • Rotary Phone Hilariously Confuses TeenagersRotary Phone Hilariously Confuses Teenagers
    Sometimes, in this day and age, it seems like the younger generation knows all about the latest technology. They have all kinds of devices that can talk, text and make like 'smarter.' But what happens when these smart teens are given a piece of ol...yabbadabbadoo2018-01-29T15:39:452,233 views00:00:00
  • Dentist Office Goes Viral With Funny ParodiesDentist Office Goes Viral With Funny Parodies
    If you're a patient at Doctor Patricia London's dentist office then you know that there's no such thing as a normal visit. Each week, Dr. London and her staff make a funny video and they always include their patients in these funny skits.

    yabbadabbadoo2018-01-04T15:23:035,185 views00:00:00
  • Funny Comedian Shares Parenting StoriesFunny Comedian Shares Parenting Stories
    There's no doubt that raising children is a difficult task. These little minds can be strong-willed and very temperamental, but it's how we deal with those situations that really matters. Comedian Michael McIntyre knows all about parenting childre...yabbadabbadoo2018-01-04T13:19:2914,407 views00:00:00
  • Funny Italian Grandma Tries To Talk To Google HomeFunny Italian Grandma Tries To Talk To Google Home
    This funny Italian grandma received a Google Home for Christmas and her reaction to this smart home device is downright hilarious. Just watch as the family gathers around the table while granny is testing out her new toy. She is having a blast try...yabbadabbadoo2018-01-04T08:27:0012,083 views00:00:00
  • Funny Dad Dances In Bodysuit With 2 DaughtersFunny Dad Dances In Bodysuit With 2 Daughters
    So the Haddad family is full of unexpected fun. Whenever the family gets together for holidays and things, they have a Haddad family lip sync contest. And this year Tina’s daughters wanted to make sure they included their dad, Steve. They picked t...yabbadabbadoo2018-01-03T10:59:007,228 views00:00:00
  • Loud Symphony Note Makes Woman Scream During Concert Loud Symphony Note Makes Woman Scream During Concert
    The talented North State Symphony was performing a riveting rendition of Stravinsky’s The Firebird when the most unusual interruption occurred.

    Just watch as the orchestra masterfully moves through each and every note of this powerful number. ...
    yabbadabbadoo2017-12-15T08:28:19690 views00:00:00
  • Grandma Hilariously Gets Stuck Behind DryerGrandma Hilariously Gets Stuck Behind Dryer
    It's always an adventure in the McDaneld house. When the dryer broke, the family came together to fix it and put it back in place. But while Gagi was helping hook up the cord, she found herself stuck behind the dryer. And that's when all the laugh...yabbadabbadoo2017-11-08T09:32:413,368 views00:00:00
  • Funny News Anchor Blooper When Cameras Are RollingFunny News Anchor Blooper When Cameras Are Rolling
    Sometimes live television can be unpredictable. And no one knows that more than news anchor Stephanie Ruhle. While waiting for her segment to start, Stephanie didn't realize that the cameras had already begun rolling.

    You can see her fidgeting...
    yabbadabbadoo2017-11-07T15:19:084,660 views00:00:00
  • Woman Makes Viral Dance Video In Empty AirportWoman Makes Viral Dance Video In Empty Airport
    When Mahshid Mazooji accidentally missed her connecting flight in Charlotte, North Carolina she decided to make the best of a hard situation. Mahshid was going to have to spend the night in the airport, but instead of being angry she came up with ...yabbadabbadoo2017-09-28T12:51:031,157 views00:00:00