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  • God: On RaceGod: On Race
    This video shows how God's Word and His own actions destroy the myths that: 1) The Hebrews are a "race". 2) That God favors one "race" of people over another. Both these myths are false and the exact opposite of the truth as pl...wingflyer2010-10-02T01:31:541,167 views00:06:11
  • Religion? or Godliness?Religion? or Godliness?
    Religion or godliness? Only one will get you and others into Heaven. Only one will bring others to God. only one will bring God to us. Only one is sorely lacking in these times of division, politicization, contempt, prejudice, greed and partisansh...wingflyer2010-10-02T01:18:521,559 views00:02:08