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Viral Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi On Body Shaming And Finding Joy

Viral Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi On Body Shaming And Finding Joy

Viral UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi shares how she deals with body shaming and finding her own joy. Katelyn became an Internet sensation when she delivered an incredible perfect 10 routine during a recent competition.

This 21-year-old gymnast also made headlines last year when her Michael Jackson-themed floor routine was shared all over the Internet. Her upbeat routines and perfect scores have been the talk of the gymnastics circuit and everyone looks forward to watching her in action. Not only does she add dance into her difficult gymnastics routine, but she also adds some fun too.

Today, this talented young lady is visiting Good Morning America to discuss her Internet fame and how she deals with body shamers. Since she was a teenager, Katelyn has faced criticism for her size and shape. But as she grew older, she came to embrace her own image and find the beauty inside and out.

Originally, this young talent had plans to compete at the Olympic level, but injuries to her shoulder and back, which eventually required surgery, forced her to step back. Now, Katelyn is attending college at UCLA and is part of the Bruins gymnastics team. It was there that she met her coach, Valerie Field. Valerie had a huge impact on Katelyn’s outlook towards the sport and herself.

Now, she’s sharing some words of wisdom and encouragement, including an original poem. What an insanely talented and inspiring young woman. Who else is going to be on the lookout for what she does next?

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