'No Outsiders' - Rend Collective Live Performance

'No Outsiders' - Rend Collective Live Performance

‘There are no outsiders to Your love

We are all welcome, there's grace enough
When I have wandered Lord, your cross is the open door
There are no outsiders
I'm not an outsider to Your love’

God truly took our shattered hearts and made them whole again. Even when we sin and disappoint Him, the Lord never leaves our side. He is right there with us each and every step of the way. There may be times when we feel lost or distant from His love, but rest easy knowing that God will never abandon us and He will always be the light waiting to guide us home.

It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that we serve such a kind and loving God. He has truly given us so many blessings in this life that we do not deserve. You are sure to be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of ‘No Outsider’ from Rend Collective. And this special live rendition from Belfast will truly have your heart singing for the Lord.

Each word in this song is all for His glory and I’m singing them out loud for all to hear. God made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son to Earth to die for our sins. Because of this gift, we are now forgiven and free to live out our days in Heaven above. He freed us from our chains and that is such a special gift. Who else is saying amen right now?

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