'With Lifted Hands' - Ryan Stevenson Acoustic Performance

'With Lifted Hands' - Ryan Stevenson Acoustic Performance

‘With every heartbeat in my chest

Lord, I surrender all that I have
The days yet to come, the days in the past
I'm giving You all I am
With lifted hands, with lifted hands’

He shows us mercy when we don't deserve it. He loves us at our worst and helps us rise to our best. There is truly nothing our Heavenly Father cannot do and we should give thanks each and every day for His many blessings. It can be so hard to put our feelings for Lord into words, but thankfully, worship music has emerged that can lift His name in praise. And that's exactly what the powerful lyrics of 'With Lifted Hands' from Ryan Stevenson will do.

You will be reminded that the Lord truly loves us through it all and remains by our side, even when we may not feel like He is there. God made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son to Earth to die for our sins. Because of this gift, we are now forgiven and free to live out our days in Heaven above. He freed us from our chains and that is such a special gift.

This amazing sacrifice paved the way to our salvation and now we can live out our days in Heaven. We truly serve an incredible God and this worship song is the perfect way to give glory to His name. I’m so glad that we can shout His praises from the rooftops. Who else wants to join in?

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