'I Serve A Savior' - Josh Turner Cracker Barrel Performance

'I Serve A Savior' - Josh Turner Cracker Barrel Performance

Country artist Josh Turner is praising the Lord with his new single ‘I Serve A Savior.’ In 2018, Josh released his first gospel album and it’s full of beautiful hymns and original recordings. The album even includes a special song titled “The River (of Happiness)”, with back-up vocals by all four of Turner’s boys. But this debut single truly stands above the rest.

‘God sent his only son to save us
He died upon a cross for all our sin
I praise the precious name of Jesus
He walked out of the grave they laid him in’

Many of his fans know that Josh’s faith is very important to him. He previously released two hits that touched on the subject. “Me and God” and “Long Black Train” brought Josh a multitude of fans. Now, he’s sharing that faith in an even bigger way with this special album and song. The chorus lyrics of ‘I Serve A Savior’ are such a powerful statement of faith and purpose.

‘I serve a Savior
It's what I was made for
His grace and love I don't deserve
I will be faithful
Humble and grateful
My life is greater 'cause I serve a Savior’

Today, Josh is performing a live acoustic rendition of this single as part of Cracker Barrel’s Countdown To Christmas. It’s truly amazing to see a talented vocalist give it all back to God in such a beautiful way. This is definitely a special album and we’re all excited to hear what’s next for Josh Turner.

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