16-Year-Old Sings 'Fields Of Gold' With Celtic Woman

16-Year-Old Sings 'Fields Of Gold' With Celtic Woman

16-year-old Anabel Sweeney received the opportunity of a lifetime when singer won a competition and got to sing with the award-winning all girl’s group Celtic Woman. This talented group held a nationwide competition to find someone to perform with them at their concert in Ireland and when Anabel stepped on stage she immediately won over the crowd.

I can't believe that such a big voice came out of this young lady. Celtic Woman is a world-renowned group and I'm so glad that Anabel had the chance to show everyone who incredible vocals. And this concert was very special because it was Celtic Woman’s homecoming concert so the Grammy award-winning group wanted to give their homeland the best performance possible.

Anabel was definitely the perfect choice and one listen and you'll understand why she was selected as the winner to sing the night of the concert. She sang the song, “Fields of Gold” which was performed years ago by a former member of the all-girls singing group. With that angelic voice, she definitely did the song justice. What a flawless performance!

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