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'While I'm Waiting' - Travis Greene Featuring Chandler Moore

'While I'm Waiting' - Travis Greene Featuring Chandler Moore

When we put our trust in the Lord, the most amazing things start to happen. Even when we don't understand, God is working in incredible and life-changing ways. This is exactly what Christian artist Travis Greene is singing about in his newest single 'While I'm Waiting.'

This heartfelt song truly expresses how we feel about God's power and strength. We continue to believe and we continue to trust in the Lord, in all things. While we wait for His miraculous return, our faith will continue to get stronger and we will work to bring more followers to praise His name.

These lyrics hit close to home and I'm so glad that Travis is singing them for the whole world to hear. It's obvious that he has a God-given talent for performing and he's using that gift to worship His name. Amen!

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